Oriental Pottery  & Ceramics Art Co., Ltd. Since its founding in 1983 in Yingge Town, Taipei County, Taiwan, the company has been producing ceramics for 36 years, including crafts ceramics. art ceramics, biotechnology ceramics and healthy water purification filtration systems.

Since 2005, we have been developing porous technology ceramics. In 2011, our products were successfully listed. In 2019, we changed our name to "Taishen Precision Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd."


Since 2019

Research and development of non-magnetic ultra-thin material precision grinding equipment, wet and dry vacuum system series, with the company's porous ceramic magnetic adsorption platform module, completely solve the problem of long-term non-magnetic ultra-thin material positioning and grinding of domestic precision processing and grinding manufacturers.

Since 2018

Ultra-large size micro-porous ceramic vacuum chuck automatic film, tear film system machine, the first export to the United States Colorado Medical Technology Co., Ltd. used in the production of thickness 20 micron X-ray sensing diaphragm manufacturing system, excellent performance, praised by customers.

Since 2016

Developed ultra-large-size micron-sized pores, high-precision, non-marking and strong adsorption ceramic vacuum chuck composite function products, applied to flat glass automatic cutting system machine.

Since 2011

Taishen's "eNOVA" nano-porous ceramic air-floating non-contact transportation system has stood out from Japan, Israel, Germany, etc., among the world's leading competitors, and was first used in Taiwan's Zhunan Science Park.  The fifth- & sixth generation flat glass transportation production line in the First & second Factory (Terminal 1 & 2 )of Optoelectronics has set a successful case for the first use of ceramic air-floating system in domestic photovoltaic power plants. Compared with the traditional roller transportation system, the production yield has been greatly improved by more than 30%.  Later, including "Chi Mei Optoelectronics", "Alliance Automation", "Grenzebach, Germany", etc., many high-tech manufacturers at home and abroad have also adopted.

Since 2009

Taishen "eNOVA" nano-scale porous ceramic air-floating platform was selected by the "Taiwan National Science Council" and joined the Taiwan National Team to "Tokyo International Exhibition Hall in Tokyo" to participate in the annual World Nano Exhibition. The Taiwan team won the conference.  Awarded "Best Market Potential Award".

Since 2006

Developed nanometer-scale, micron-sized porous ceramics for non-contact panel transportation and vacuum-free, large-size, non-printing precision high-tech ceramic vacuum chucks.  Registered with "eNOVA" own brand trademark.

Since 2003

Developed Nano Biotech Ceramics and "Chang Guang Biotechnology Company", a subsidiary of Formosa Plastics Group, to produce energy health ceramic products.

Since 1983

「Oriental Pottery & Ceramics Art Co., Ltd.」Established in Yingge Town Taipei County, Taiwan. 

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